Flush Mount Hatch Lid for 5 inch sounders

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A purposely designed fish hatch lid that allows the fish finder to be flush mounted onto it. This is a larger unit allowing you to flushmount wider sounder models such as Lowrance HDi 5 and Raymarine Dragonfly units. This lid gives you easy viewing and access to the fish finder and control panel while the rear of the unit is not exposed to the potential splash of water onto the plugs.Keeping the plugs  and cables drier and preventing the possibility of corrosion from the moisture.

The lid is fitted with a velcro splash strip which means the lid and  unit can be easily removed when not in use or when it is not needed and swapped over to be replaced with the standard fish hatch lid.

Fitting Guide:

All new model Stealths (livewell) are running the universal hatch opening and can take the standard flushmount lid.

Older models with the cloth handles have different hatch sizes for Fisha and ProFisha 575 models, with no hatch being available to fit the older model ProFisha 475 or 525.

      Size of mounting surface: 19cm W x 18cm H

      As this unit is manufactured in Australia, and made to order, please allow an extra few days for processing and handling.