Kayak Carts

While my offshore fishing is done with other people and usually we just carry our skis to the water with one guy carrying the two noses and the other carrying the two tails, my bay fishing is often on my own, particularly in Western Port, and a kayak cart is a pretty handy piece of kit. They really come into their own when there is a bit of soft sand between your car spot and the launch at spots like Jam Jerrup or Cleeland Bight. When it comes to soft sand ask around and you will be told that only one thing does the job properly – balloon wheels. The Wheeleez carts are the original and best, often copied but never equalled. They are equipped with unique low pressure balloon wheels will move your ski or kayak with ease over the most difficult surfaces; even soft sand and soggy ground. We have two sand models available for scupperless kayaks and skis and one for hard surfaces.