Stealth Blitz Carbon Wing Blades

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The Blitz wing shape is designed with a stable catch and pull through making it the ideal paddle for the entry level fishermen wanting something cheap and reliable.

It goes without saying that the lighter the weight, the easier the paddling. However, the best paddles offer a balanced combination of light weight and strength.

Plastic paddles for example are less rigid than their fibreglass and carbon counterparts; they thus require more energy to paddle through the water. Plastic paddles are also heavier than their counterparts and affect the paddlers comfort.

Fibreglass paddles are lightweight, durable and virtually maintenance-free. Fiberglass allows for more complex blade shapes. In the middle of the price range, these are by far the most popular choice. Fibreglass paddles are rigid and allow for the paddler to achieve good distances with less effort than a plastic paddle would require.

The next step up from the fibreglass range is the Carbon Fibre paddles. Carbon fibre paddles are more expensive than plastic or fibreglass, as they are once again more rigid and are lightweight. The lightweight nature allows for the paddler to exert less energy and probably stay out on the water for longer. These are recommended for paddlers who are serious about kayaking.

Blade size: 740 cm²

Material: Carbon

Blade width: 150mm

Blade length: 495mm

Pieces: 1