Front Rod Holder Brackets (Set of Two)

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Sea Sherpa are now producing some universal front rod holder brackets for Stealth skis. These brackets can be fitted to your ski on the side wall of the fish hatch without impeding the forward and backward operation of your foot pedals.

The brackets are made as a universal fit so the same bracket can be used on any of the models. You can order your set of brackets with pre-drilled holes for the more common mounts - RAM round bases, RAM rectangular bases, Railblaza Starports, Railblaza Starport HD or Berkley Quick-set, just select the required hole pattern form the drop down menu at time of ordering. This allows you to to fit the range of ram rod mounts or railblaza fittings up front for bait fishing on the bays when it is too rough out the front to chase pelagics.

A front rod holder can be pretty handy when chasing pelagics too, giving you somewhere close to hand to stash your rod when you go for the gaff shot, or simply a handy spot for your sabiki rod.

On my skis, I use these brackets to mount Berkley Quicksets but on RAM extenders. This setup allows me to run two bait rods easily directing both lines away from each other while maintaining the ability to open the fish hatch when required. The use of Quicksets also means I can insert and remove my rods by holding just the end of the butt, allowing me to mount rod holders further forward out of my paddle stroke. The other handy feature is that the rod holders and RAM extenders can be easily removed and stored in the fish hatch leaving only the bracket and mount behind. This leaves a nice clear deck for surf zones or for transport.


As this item is manufactured in Australia, and made to order, please allow a few days for processing and handling.