Fishing Ski Snapper Racks for Trolling Rod Holders

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For those who also use their fishing skis at anchor to bait fish, it can often be an issue splaying your rods far enough to run a spread of four. To solve that problem we've designed a snapper rack style rod holder that will slot into the rear trolling rod holders on your ski. They are angled outwards allowing you to run two more rods up front if desired and avoid tangles. The outward angle of the rod holder is designed to help you to land a fish from the front rods with out picking up the rear lines.

The rod holders have a gimbal slot in the end which engages the gimbals in the trolling rod holders preventing the rod holder from spinning. The unit is secured in place via a shock cord and hook which attaches to the rod leash pad eye.


  • Stainless steel body construction
  • Left and right angled racks
  • Securing shock cord 
  • Easily stowable in the fish hatch under the seat