Bilge Pump and Bailer Combo

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Maritime Safety Victoria requirements for Human Powered Craft such as ours, state that by law, as well as wearing your PFD (lifejacket) you should also carry on your kayak:

  • Electric or manual bilge pumping system (if vessel has covered bilge or closed underfloor compartments other than airtight void spaces)
  • Bailer (if no electric or manual bilge pumping system)

The vast majority of fishing kayaks and skis have hatches on the deck, thereby putting you in the category of having covered bilge/underfloor compartments. The kayak pump is intended to evacuate water from inside your kayak or hatch to prevent a capsizing or swamping.To cover you in both of these scenarios we have a combo deal giving you a free bailing sponge with your manual bilge pump purchase. The sponge is also handy to have for cleaning out hatches and hulls when you get back to the beach after your paddle.


  • Length 46cm (76cm extended)
  • Compact and lightweight, very easy to carry on the deck of your boat.
  • Outer EVA cover to increase buoyancy.
  • Ergonomic designed handle is very easy to grip.
  • Pump outlet can connect to a 25mm pipe on your kayak to prevent having to open hatches in rough conditions.
  • Double drainage design enables you to discharge 0.8L with a pull and push movement.