Lures & Live Bait Accessories

This is a collection of basics you'll need for chasing your target species.

Once you’ve put your sabikis to good use and caught a few strings, you’ll need to have a plan for storage to keep your slimies and yakkas swimming nicely until required. The guys at the factory have come up with two easy solutions to keep  your hard earned livies in great condition. Once you hit the fishing grounds our live bait needles will help you have your bait bridled quick-fast, giving you more time to go and get the big one! 

If you are chasing some of the local bread and butter species you can't go past Munroe's soft plastics. MSP have created a range of colours and profiles giving the Aussie soft plastic angler a wide selection of soft plastics that will catch fish, along with the durability and strength to keep catching. Munroe's Soft Plastics are produced locally in Melbourne using industry standard injection molds and quality materials. MSP produces a slightly scented soft plastic which allows the user to add their favorite scent to enhance the overall performance. They can be stored in their original laminated snap seal pack, or can be kept loose in a tackle tray case along with all of your other favorite MSP Soft Plastics without fear of deterioration.