Live Bait Mate

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Once you’ve put your sabikis to good use and caught a few strings, you’ll need to have a plan for storage to keep your slimies and yakkas swimming nicely until required. The guys at the factory have come up with two easy solutions to keep  your hard earned livies in great condition.


For those that don’t like having the added drag of a live bait tube running behind their ski, Stealth have developed a new live bait well to fit inside the fish hatch. It sits snugly on the lip of the fish hatch while still allowing the hatch lid to close normally.

Made from heavy duty PVC and fibreglass components this neat little invention is easily collapsible and can be folded up and put away without taking up too much space for the trip back to the beach, simply tip out the water and go!

The design takes into account the space needed for a live bait to be able to swim around and the ability to be able to add “fresh” water to it without flooding into the hatch.The mesh top allows easy water changes and the splash strip diverts water into the foot wells where the self drainers will work to get rid of the overflow.If you want to keep the weight down and prefer a smaller volume of water the Live Bait Mate has a pouch where you can slip in a aerator pump and then aerate the water to keep your bait in good condition.


Length: 31.5cm

Width: 26.5cm

Height (open): 25cm

Height (collapsed): 8cm