Live Bait Torpedo

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Once you’ve put your sabikis to good use and caught a few strings, you’ll need to have a plan for storage to keep your slimies and yakkas swimming nicely until required. The guys at the factory have come up with two easy solutions to keep  your hard earned livies in great condition.

Easily attaching to your anchor trolley or alternatively to a foot pedal and rod leash pad eye, the live bait torpedo tows along behind your ski pulling fresh water past your bait as you move. Easy access to your livies via a velcro door, removing a fish for bridling is an easy affair. If you need to travel a bit between the bait grounds and your fishing spot, the torpedo can be collapsed and stored under your seat with your bait safe in a collapsible bucket in the fish hatch. This will reduce drag allowing you to paddle to your fishing spot quicker.