The Surf Fisha Range

The Surf Fisha is the new incarnation of the famous Supalite kayaks that put Stealth on map. They are designed for the best wave riding and surf ability hence the name the Surf Fisha. The Surf Fisha is an upgrade on the Supalite Range; Stealth took the time to evaluate the needs of fishers who take on big surf – then built a kayak that works great in the surf but performs well out wide too.

The Surf  Fisha range  incorporates the latest hi tech materials using specialised core materials and epoxy based resin systems. The process of resin infusion is used to  keep the build  consistent not only in quality but also in finished weight. The focus on this kayak was to give it maximum stability within its design so they positioned on the widest point of the kayak at the seat and increased the depth of the seat and foot wells to make it very comfortable with loads of stability.



 Click here for a ski-by-ski comparison of the Stealth range in terms or speed, stability, glide, manoeuvrability and surf ability.