Lockrack™ is your new best friend allowing you to spend less time loading and unloading, and more time on the water doing what you’d rather be doing. An extra 15 minutes can be pretty valuable for a pre-work snapper session! At the end of a session while your mates are still struggling with cam buckles and ratchet straps you will be locked and loaded and ready to go!

Surfer Brad Foster established the Lockrack brand in South Africa in 2007. Although originally designed for surfboards the Lockrack proved its versatility and was soon adapted to carry surf-skis, fishing-skis as well as kayaks.

Lockrack recognize that the products are going to be out in the elements, many of them living permanently on the vehicle.  Therefore care is taken to ensure that only rust resistant materials are used in the manufacture of the Lockrack.

Easy to use, the built in locking mechanism provided peace of mind for those overnight trips and campgrounds where security is a must.

The soft UV protected thermo plastic rubber arms are perfect for fibreglass craft keeping your gelcoat damage free. Lockrack is built to last with components made from rust resistant; anodised aluminium and UV protected rubber. There are six models of Lockrack to carry everything from surfboards to stand up paddle boards, kayaks, surf skis and ladders.

Which unit do I need?

Surfboard Unit - Suits surfboards up to 58 cm wide. Can carry two at a time and can also be used to carry one nipper board.

Ladder Unit - Can hold up to 3 Ladders. This can also hold surfboards, Malibus, Kayaks and Small SUPS if the upright is removed. This unit is good if you have many craft varying in width.

Surfskis/ORS - For intermediate and advanced ORS less than 45 cm wide  the 45 cm base is ideal, for beginner surfskis or units not being carried upside down, the 50 cm base is ideal.

Single SUP (short arm) - Boards less than 30 inch's are ideally suited to the SUP 50 cm base, boards wider than 30 inch's tend to work better on the 65 cm base. The short arms allow you to carry one board, those wanting to carry two should swap to the double SUP unit

Fishing Ski - The fishing ski unit can hold most fishing skis and  narrower kayaks up to ~85 cm wide on the 50cm base, dependent on roof rack placement. If your kayak is at the upper limit or wider we suggest using the Double SUP/Kayak unit instead.

Double SUP/Large Kayak - This unit can carry two SUPS or one wider kayak utilising the 65cm base.

Will the Lockrack fit my roof racks?

More information on how to a Lockrack system can be tailored to your type of cross bars is available here:

Lockrack Fitting Kits