Lockrack Large Kayak

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Lockrack™ is your new best friend allowing you to spend less time loading and unloading, and more time on the water doing what you’d rather be doing. An extra 15 minutes can be pretty valuable for a pre-work session! At the end of a session while your mates are still struggling with cam buckles and ratchet straps you will be locked and loaded and ready to go!

Easy to use, the built in locking mechanism provided peace of mind for those overnight trips and campgrounds where security is a must.

The soft UV protected thermo plastic rubber arms are perfect for fibreglass craft keeping your gelcoat damage free. Lockrack is built to last with components made from rust resistant; anodised aluminium and UV protected rubber. 

  • Less wind drag than competitors.
  • All components are rust resistant.
  • Stainless steel attachment to roof rack.
  • Designed to attach to most makes of roof racks.
  • Facilitates single person handling even in extreme windy conditions.
  • Arms are interchangeable - only one base set is required.
  • Arms fold flat when not in use or can be completely removed and stored.
  • Arm width can be adjusted in and out to accommodate most craft.
  • The elbow of the Lockrack is made of glass filled nylon, which is extremely strong.
  • The lockable arm adjustment pin is made of aluminium and has been tested to 800kg.
  • The UV stabilized arms are non-slip, weather-resistant and soft on all crafts.

Fitting Guide:

This Lockrack™ model is designed to hold a large kayak (Hobie, Native Watercraft/PedalFish, Viking) or 2 stand up paddle boards stacked on top of one another. It is also the best option for Dugout SUPs. It utilises a wider 65cm base. Manufactured to the highest standards using rust-resistant materials. Sold as a Pair