Used Garmin 300c with Stealth flush mount fish hatch lid

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We are advertising this unit on behalf of a customer. He has just purchased a ProFisha 475 on the second hand market that came with a Garmin 300c installed in a 4 inch flush mount hatch lid. He is installing a different sounder so if offering up the package for sale. It will fit 475 and 575 model Profisha skis with the old style handles.

Package includes:

  • Garmin 300c Sounder (with box, manuals, fittings etc)
  • Garmin transducer
  • Stealth 4 inch flush mount sounder lid
  • Waterproof battery box 
  • New 6.5ah SLA battery

If you are interested, get in touch and we will put you in touch with the seller.