2020 ProFisha 475 Livewell Model with Lockracks

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It isn't often you get a 475 up for sale in Victoria and its even less often you get to buy a used ski and still be the first one to put a fish in the hatch (unless you buy one of my personal skis!)  This PF475 came in on the last container and is practically new with only a couple of paddles down the Mitchell river before the owner has has a change in circumstance and had to offer it back up for sale. It also comes with a fish hatch quick release kit and the owner's Lockracks to carry it around in (50cm base, Long arms), so if you factor in the cost of shipping one down from Queensland you are getting a  $4,000 package for $3300, and it's a ripper colour scheme too!

This model was designed for speed and performance but in a smaller size kayak so as to keep it lighter and a little more manageable. In conjunction with these design features Stealth also wanted to make a Pro Fisha model that would manage the surf a little easier and be more maneuverable. In order to do this they made the kayak smaller, with a little more rocker, but not too small so as not to lose the speed factor.

The design of this model allows the kayak to have excellent turning abilities, a more prominent rocker for better wave riding ability and being constructed with epoxy based resins and CNC technology, it allows it to be super strong and lightweight. Designed for the smaller angler, the volume of the kayak was reduced to make it the lightest Pro Fisha in the range.


  • Rear storage deck with webbing
  • Integrated live well
  • Rear storage hatch with hinged lid
  • Rudder access port
  • Carbon fibre rudder
  • 4 x fishing rod holders with leash saddles
  • Large fish hatch
  • Fishing rod chute with velcro securing tabs
  • Stainless steel rod rack
  • Carbon fibre fish hatch lid
  • Improved hull for greater speed and wave control
  • Fully adjustable foot pedals, with rudder steering system
  • Venturi scuppers for self draining footwells
  • Lever lock cam straps to seal fish hatch lid
  • Paddle keep with anti-scuff rubber mat
  • Hull and fish hatch drain holes
  • 4 x carry handles


  • Construction Material: Fibreglass
  • Length: 4.75 m
  • Width: 60.5 cm
  • Average Fitted Weight:  26 Kg
  • Paddler Capacity: 95 Kg
  • Max. Load Capacity: 155 Kg

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