Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

Yes, we carry demo skis in Fisha and ProFisha models as well as a ProFisha Duo and a Toura 17 for you to take out for a paddle to help decide the best fit for you. Demo paddles can be on weekends that weather allows, and we are more than happy to load up the trailer to bring our skis to you so you can try them out in familiar surroundings in your own back yard! Get in touch to organise a session today.

Can I get my ski in any colour?

If we don't have your desired colour scheme in stock, skis can be ordered as custom builds from the factory in the standard colours available here. Skis can be produced with hoops, GT stripes, fade ins and with a matching or contrasting tape edge. Other non-standard colours can be done but will incur a surcharge for the purchase of the new pigment. Your ski would then be shipped on the next available Australian delivery.

How long does a custom build take?

Assuming no unforeseen delays occur at the factory, the biggest factor in determining your delivery time is the timing of the next Australian delivery. The placement of shipment orders is  dependent on current stock levels at Yatala, but can be approximated as being quarterly. Contact us for information on the next expected shipment.

Does my ski come with a paddle?

Our skis are sold hull-only and not with a paddle. Paddles are a very personal choice rather than a one-size-fits-all option. We would prefer to step you through the process of deciding on the right type of paddle for your needs and budget. Most of the paddles offered in packages with kayaks are on the bottom end of the quality scale and inefficient for use on long trips. You wouldn't put cheap remould tyres on a Ferrari so why skimp on the piece of equipment that gets you from A to B? Check out our options here to get you moving in the right direction!

Can you anchor in a Stealth?

Yes most of the southern guys switch between chasing tuna and kingies offshore and chasing snapper and flake in the bays so there are times when anchoring is required. Obviously the more width and primary stability in the ski the easier it is to set and retrieve anchor so the Fisha range lend themselves best to being dual purpose but having said that we have a couple of guys fishing Western Port at anchor in ProFisha 525 and 575 models too. With fibreglass skis having less drag that plastic fishing kayaks you can get away with smaller anchors - a 1.5kg grapnel will hold you in all but the strongest tide flows in the bays. We can even supply you with a no-drill anchor trolley kit to help you set up for anchoring without having to put holes in your new ski. Check out our Rigging section for more information.