Anchor Trolley & Cleat Mount Combo Kit for Stealth Skis

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A well set-up anchor trolley is a handy piece of kit when kayak fishing, allowing you to safely and easily set and retrieve anchors especially in high flow areas. A good anchor trolley has multiple uses and can be used to connect any of the following to your ski:

  • Anchor
  • Drogue
  • Live bait tube
  • Stake-out pole

With this in mind we have designed an aftermarket anchor trolley kit that can be installed on Stealth fishing skis utilising existing mounting points avoiding the need to drill holes in your ski. There are two versions of the kit for cloth handle skis depending on whether your front handle runs horizontally across the ski or vertically along the nose. There is also a version for newer models that have the molded plastic handles.

Your kit also comes with a bracket for a zig-zag cleat that attaches to the mounting holes of the trolling rod holders on your ski without the need to drill any new holes. The cleat then attaches to the bracket using pre-drilled and tapped holes with no protrusion behind the bracket. Once fitted these cleats can be used for cleating off your anchor, cleating your anchor trolley line or for attaching a burley bucket or live bait tube as required. The bracket is produced with a set of slotted mounting holes allowing it to be fitted to skis with the newer Stealth branded rod holders or other models that use the 'BG' branded rod holders, including Clarkeski and Pinnacle skis.

Please select the kit to match your ski handle type and the side you wish to mount your trolley.

The kit includes:

  • Stainless, ball bearing blocks (x 2)
  • Matt black powder coated bow mounting plate
  • Matt black powder coated stern mounting plate
  • Bungee retainer button
  • Marine grade 316 pan head self-tapping screw
  • P-clips (x 3)
  • 15m of Spectra cord (charcoal)
  • Marine grade 316 Stainless countersunk mounting bolts (x2)
  • Marine grade 316 Stainless dome mounting nuts (x 2)
  • Anchor ring
  • Marine grade 316 Stainless countersunk self-tapping screws (x 6)
  • Zig-zag cleat
  • Cleat mounting bracket
  • Marine grade 316 Stainless M5 countersunk cleat mounting bolts (x2)

A step by step installation video is available here