Fisha 500

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The Fisha 500 is the latest upgrade of Stealth's older Evo 495 ski. Realising they needed to upgrade the Evolution 495, Stealth decided to incorporate many of the strong features from the ProFisha range in the new design, without compromising certain features of the Evo that made it so popular. The Fisha range is truly about maximum stability before speed. Unlike the ProFishas where Stealth targeted performance and speed and then gave them as much stability as possible, with the Fisha range they gave the kayak the best stability followed by as best possible performance for that hull. The Fisha 500 incorporates the latest hi tech materials with a construction very similar to the ProFisha range. The ski is built using specialised core materials and epoxy based resin systems.The process of resin infusion is used to keep the build consistent not only in quality but also in finished weight. The focus on this kayak was to give it maximum stability within its design, so the position of the cockpit on the widest point of the kayak and the depth of the seat and footwells were placed so as to make it very comfortable for the paddler.


  • Rear storage deck with webbing
  • Rear storage hatch
  • Integrated live well
  • Rudder access port
  • 2 x fishing rod holders
  • Large fish hatch
  • Rod chute with Velcro securing tabs
  • Stainless steel rod rack
  • Improved hull for greater speed and wave control
  • Fully adjustable foot pedals, with rudder steering system
  • Venturi scuppers for self draining footwells
  • Lever lock cam straps to seal fish hatch lid
  • Paddle keep with anti-scuff rubber mat
  • Hull and fish hatch drain holes
  • 4 x carry handles


  • Construction Material :Fibreglass
  • Length: 4.98 m
  • Width: 67 cm
  • Average Fitted Weight:  28.5 Kg
  • Paddler Capacity: 140 Kg
  • Max. Load Capacity: 200 Kg

Please Contact us for available colour options and to arrange a demonstration.