External Transducer Mount for Fishing Skis - Part A (Top Pivot)

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We have created a new external transducer mount for the Stealth kayak range to address the issue of total-scan and side scan transducers not being able to shoot thru-hull.

It comes in two parts in order to match your ski and sounder setup -

Part A is the top pivot with varying length to suit different Stealth models

Part B is the transducer arm that must be matched to your transducer type.

Select the correct top pivot for your ski below, then add the correct transducer dropper arm to complete your setup.

The top pivots have the same hole spacing as the kayak handle allowing it to be mounted on the rear handle of skis without the need to drill any holes. They do vary in length to suit the distance from the rear handle to the trailing edge on the various ski models. These top pivots combine with the relevant transducer dropper arm 

There are a couple of methods for routing your transducer cable into the fish hatch depending on the size of the transducer plugs on your unit. You can drill a small hole in the rear deck* to allow the transducer cable into the hull. The hole can be sealed with silicon and then covered with a cable clam, or transom cable cover. These come included in the box with some Garmin sounders or can purchased at most marine stores.

For sounders with large transducer plugs, a Hobie three way thru hull plug can be installed on the rear deck in front of the rudder access port. Unfolded wire coat hangers or similar, can then be used to run the cables into the hull along the side of fish hatch and out at the battery box.

*Note care should be taken when drilling holes in the rear deck so as not to cut the rudder lines.

This Kit Includes:

  • Top pivot bracket
  • 1.5 inch 8G stainless self-tapper screw (x2)
  • M5 marine grade stainless bolt
  • M5 marine grade stainless nyloc nut
  • M5 marine grade stainless washer