Fish Hatch Quick Release Kit

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If you are running a ski with the lever lock hatch straps it can be hard to get them undone one handed when you are fighting a fish or balancing a string of livies with the other. This kit allows you to open your hatch lid with one hand while helping to keep the contents of your fish hatch in there should you go upside down with the hatch straps off.

There are two versions available to suit skis with a metal rod rack as well as those with the soft shock cord style rod rack. The soft rod rack kit includes an extra set of stainless bolts to replace the factory ones.


  • 30cm of 6mm shock cord
  • Shock cord terminal ends (x2)
  • Shock cord retainer button
  • Marine grade stainless 5mm countersunk bolt
  • Marine grade stainless 5mm nyloc
  • Marine grade stainless 5mm washer

Also in the soft rod rack kit:

  • Marine grade stainless 5mm pan head bolt (x2)