Fishing Western Port - Chasing Flake and anchoring techniques (Full Day)

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If you’ve been fishing Port Phillip or your local rivers but are keen to venture further afield, it might be time to try Western Port. Western Port is a fantastic fishery but often kayakers are put off by the fear of tidal flows and mud flats. While some areas of Western Port have very fast tidal flows and are only recommended for very seasoned kayakers there are plenty of spots that are quite beginner friendly.

Other than the weather, there are two main considerations for fishing Western Port.

  1. Tidal flow.
  2. Anchoring in current.

While tides just require proper planning to avoid a walk in the mud, anchoring on a kayak can be dangerous especially in areas which have large tidal ranges. The current in Western Port is generally stronger than Port Phillip Bay, making deploying and even more so, lifting your anchor a less than casual matter. But with a little theory and technique you can fish in current quite easily.

The WP Starter Course is a good blend of a kayak lesson and a fishing tour, allowing you to learn valuable information to set you up for safe anchor usage on your kayak while also introducing you to the faster moving waters of beautiful Western Port. We are firm believers in the ‘learn by doing’ method and if we are heading out to practise, we may as well chase a feed of fresh flake while we are at it!

Our anchor sessions launch from Lang Lang boat ramp on Foreshore Road with only a short distance to paddle to productive fishing grounds.


These ‘learn by doing’ sessions cover the following elements:

  • The 3 essential components of an anchoring kit
-Anchor & line
-Anchor trolley
-Quick release systems
  • Bait and rigging for gummy shark (flake) & snapper
  • Dropping and lifting anchor (dry run)
  • Dropping and lifting anchor (on the water practise)
  • Filleting a gummy shark

The course cost includes the use of a kayak, paddle, PFD, leashes, anchor, rod & reel combo, bait and tackle. Bear in mind that the course booking is our ‘on the water’ time. Please allow for travel time to Lang Lang in your planning. (approximately 1hr 15mins each way from the city)

Price $200 (Full day 6 hour session)

Our courses are scheduled on a per-customer basis, contact us to arrange a course time to suit your needs!

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